Muscular pain, headache, or insect bite?

Golden Cup Balm

Thailand's No. 1 Balm
Providing Pain Relief Since 1950

Our Products

Our Products

Available in a variety of sizes

Golden Cup offers a range of products in different form factors and for different usage scenarios. Golden Cup Balm, the flagship product, has been the trusted product of the company for over 70 years. Multi-purpose, fragrant and effective, Golden Cup Balm is the perfect product to have by your side or kept in the medicine cabinet at home or the office. Golden Cup Oil is a product equally as effective as the famous balm but due to being a liquid is able to be offered as a spray or a roller too. The nature of the liquid shape also allows for Golden Cup Oil to evaporate faster, providing a quicker solution for nasal congestion. The Kiddy Balm is also an excellent product, aimed at those with sensitive skin it provides the qualities of other Golden Cup products while still being gentle enough to be used by most ages.

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Made From Herbal Ingredients To Offer Gentle Relief

Menthol, Camphor, Methyl Salicylate, Eucalyptus Oil, Cajuput Oil, Clove Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Cinnamon Oil

About Us

Over 70 Year of trust


We are dedicated to producing over-the-counter medicines with the highest quality possible at the most affordable prices. We believe consistently delivering the highest quality with customer satisfaction in mind, earns the most trust over time.

Established in 1950, Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is among Thailand’s leading manufacturers. For over 70 years, Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has served Thailand with our very well recognized Golden Cup Balm but also with a number of modern pharmaceutical products under Golden Cup trademark.

Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has grown from a family grocery shop in the 1950s to a modern pharmaceutical factory in the 1970s and to a GMP-certified factory in 2000s. Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. now employs more than 150 employees and is now having its production capability increased under GMP PIC/S standard.

Since 1970, Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. products have been exported to many countries. Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. products, especially the Golden Cup Balm, can be found in major Asian markets across the world. In modern medicine balm market, Golden Cup is the leader in mentholated ointment, it is undeniably the strongest brand in its segment in Thailand.

About Us

How to Use

Multipurpose Pain Relief

A topical liniment used for muscular and joint pain. Itchiness and swelling from insect bites. A bout of dizziness. Nasal congestion from a cold. Golden Cup products are well suited to treating and creating relief for these conditions.

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